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Thirty Days to a Better You
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Monday, August 21st, 2006
12:38 am
My 30 Healthy Things To-do List
I just turned 30 the other day. So here is a list of things I want to do to help me to be in healthier shape.

So If you guys can advice me more so I can add more to this list I'd be more than happy to hear them. 

1. Drink 8 - 10 glasses of water
2 Eat my weddies and fruities
3. No sweets, no junk foods, no baking anymore.
4. No alcohol
5. Take the stairs instead of elevator 
6. 8 hrs/more sleep
7. Hydrotheraphy
8. Take my vitamins
9. Do stretching when I wake up
10. Have a regular massage
11. Play badminton games.
12. Drink green tea, no sodas, no energy booster drinks and no coffee
13. Take lemon juice upon waking up
14.  Have monthly body scrubs... regular salon. Wopee!
17 .

Current Mood: determined
Saturday, September 24th, 2005
3:43 pm
I don't know if this question is allowed or not, but I'm going to try:

Anyone been on a diet, and been successful with losing weight? I'm looking to lose weight but also maintain more healthy eating habits. I'm a freshman in college, living in the dorms, if that helps.

Thank you!

Friday, September 16th, 2005
3:59 pm
Ran a 10k
Well, I ran a 10k last Saturday [and I have another one tomorrow]. I didn't do spectacularly in it, but I did pretty well considering I'm getting over walking pneumonia. 6.2 miles in 1 hour 19 minutes [beating my previous 10k time from last year's turkey trot] is about 12.5 min/mile. Considering I was doing a walk/run combo most of the way, that is very very good.

Now let's see if I can set another personal record tomorrow. ;)
Friday, September 2nd, 2005
2:27 pm
Day 2
I started my own 30 day challenge yesterday and thought that it might help maintain my motivation if I consistently share my progress. Soooooo - here I am!

I've gained about 10 pounds in this past year, and I feel like its just been getting easier and easier to put on this weight. In the past 3 months I imagine I've put on an extra 4 pounds, putting me at 133. For my height this is 1 pound overweight, and I have to nip this in the bud before it's too late. I'm young (just turned 21 a couple weeks ago) and I have the time to work out, and I have the equipment to work out, I just need to f-ing DO it.

I also have a brand new boyfriend, and I heard him mentioning how starting September 1, he was going to get in shape, and I'm using this as added motivation - I gotta keep up with him, I want to be hot for him. He loves lingerie, but I refuse to buy any bc I don't feel sexy in ANYthing anymore. I used to be able to hide the weight, now it's visible no matter what I wear. And I have a whole closet full of clothes that I can't even wear anymore because of this damned spare tire.

Enough griping - yesterday I started running on my treadmill. I've had it for months and NEVER used it, but I decided that I needed to start getting up in the morning and moving my butt. I have to work out in the morning, thats the only way I'll ever be able to be *consistent* with it - my after work schedule is way too hectic. For 2 days now, I've gotten up and walked/ran for 1 mile (20 mintues). I'm really anxious to do so much more than that, but I read to start doing less than you think you can or should, and work it up gradually. I don't want to burn myself out to quickly, of course.

I've been eating like a pig though, beasting out late at night on ALL manner of horrible snacky foods and sweets. Usually I'm not like this, but I have a lot of food left over from the party last week, so I'm trying to consume all of the evidence of the party before my parents get back from vacation tomorrow.. :-P I'm good during the day, but at night I'm just a disaster. After Labor Day, I'm reigning myself in on the food, too.

I want to aim for 1200 calories/day, although I'm not much of a calorie counter. I love lean cuisines, so hopefully I can force myself to live on those, slim fasts, fresh fruit and salad. And water of course.

I've been good on water today - I think I'm on bottle 5 now. The a/c broke at work today, so I've been suckin them down like nobody's business. And from what I've read, water is the magical weight-loss elixier.

So anyway, Craig is taking me to his fire company's formal on October 29. That leaves me exactly 8 weeks to get myself to the 115-120 range. If I can lose 2.5 pounds a week, I'll be in business. What are my chances?
12:23 pm
I'm back!!!!
I’m back!!!!

I went for a jog yesterday, on the outdoor track, by Brian’s house. I jogged for two miles, and then I came home and did the leg workout that I had created online.

Supine leg curls on a balance ball [3 sets, 15 reps]
Squats with balance ball on wall [3 sets, 12 reps, 30 lbs total]
BOSU squats [3 sets, 12 reps, 30 lbs total]
Plie squats [3 sets, 12 reps, 40 lbs total]
Step ups on BOSU [3 sets, each leg, 12 reps].

I used dumbbells this time and I forgot how hard it is to work on a BOSU. Go me!

So after recovering from pneumonia, I was able to run outside [of all places…with all those pollen and allergens], and I ran for ¾ mile before having to take a walk break. That is phenomenal considering how bad of shape my lungs were in.

Wednesday, August 31st, 2005
9:45 pm
so i havent been keeping up with this challenge at all
which really sucks. but i just thought i would do a quick update.
the last time i weighed myself i was 150.
that couldnt have been more than 2 months ago that i remember weighing myself.
i actually think it was a less. but now i am 141 mysteriously.
im not sure how i lost that much with little effort but i defintly did something right.
im confused. but its a good confusion.

i hope everyone that is keeping up with the challenge is being successful!
9:18 am
Progress Report 8-17-05
My Weekly Goals: 8-31-05
*get in at least two 20-minute cardio workouts
*cut down on afternoon snacking

My Weekly Stats: 8-31-05
Change from Last Week (Change): -2
Total Lost to Date (TL): 6

How I'm FeelingCollapse )
Tuesday, August 30th, 2005
2:06 pm
I had no change in my weight last week, and am hoping for a change Wednesday, but realize I may not see one (went to a wedding this weekend and did a lot of necessary eating out).

I'm trying to work on getting back into exercise, but not having much luck. What keeps you motivated when you would rather do something else?
Thursday, August 25th, 2005
4:53 pm
I have recovered!
I've finally recovered from walking pneumonia! I'm FINALLY back at work, and I'm FINALLY hydrated enough to start jogging again.

Sunday, August 21st, 2005
11:21 pm
Back from vacation...
Like a few others have mentioned, August was definitely not a great month for me to go on a challenge: or, alternatively, it was the perfect month for me to go on a challenge because it was the month that I’d be most likely to blow all my hard work this summer. I have not made any improvements in how I looked in July. But I also don't think I've really slipped back at all, and all things considered I’d say that is excellent.

My progress so far.Collapse )

All in all, I'd like to lose four pounds off the weight that my new scale says. When I lose the first pound, I get a new piece of nice makeup. The second one=a movie with my friends. Third=a nice piece of furniture for my dorm. Fourth=a new outfit and a trip home to my family. I'm optimistic about this reward system for two reasons: it's non-food, and it's stuff I'd really like, so I'll want to stick with it.

Hope you guys did much better than me, and I'll see you soon! I'm moved in at school so you should see a lot more of me now.

-Azelma :)

Looks like I'll be spilling over into the September Challenge. Please tell me that there will be one!!

Current Mood: content
Saturday, August 20th, 2005
12:31 pm
hi there! i hardly ever post but i was very excited by my wi today. even though i only lost .8 i hit my 10lb mark! even though it's taken 2 years (on and off) i am down 36.2 lbs from my highest weight! i just had to share.. hope you're all having a good day!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Thursday, August 18th, 2005
7:52 pm
Just need to vent
I totally blew it today. I had every intention on making a big salad for dinner. Did I do that? NOPE! Went and got a taco dinner with rice and beans from a mexican place. SIGH!!!! :( Im gonna try not to beat myself up about it and do better tomorrow.
Wednesday, August 17th, 2005
8:42 am
Progress Report 8-17-05
I've re-started the Weight Watchers program (portion control is a problem for me!) and will be adding workouts to my routine this week. I'd like to get up to at least three 45-min cardio workouts and two rotations of weight-training per week, but I'm starting small as I've been out of commission for over three weeks now (Achilles tendonitis).

My Weekly Goals: 8-17-05
*plan most of week (food) in advance
*get in at least two 30-minute cardio workouts

My Weekly Stats: 8-17-05
Change from Last Week (Change): -4
Total Lost to Date (TL): 4

Last week my goals were to measure my water, to be sure I was getting enough (I was), and to journal everything I ate (a Weight Watchers thing). I succeeded with both goals, and it seems like I'm back on the wagon and off to a decent start!
Tuesday, August 16th, 2005
2:54 pm
hello out there...
Hows it going? I am doing really well today. I have plans to go to the track this evening and have already done a Pilates tape. I HATE doing tapes at home and it took everything in my power to finish the damn thing. Ive had a bunch of water and can splurge a bit at dinner since I had a light lunch. I actually have GAINED 3 lbs. Its really frustrating and I dont know if its because I restarted the pill this week or if I just flat gained...could be. I ate like absolute garbage on my vacation!!! :0
9:33 am
blah. i haven't lost any weight in two weeks. like 3 pounds immediately came off, and now i'm stuck. last time i was healthy and stuff the weight just fell off and now it's stuck stuck stuck. i want to lose a lot of weight, but i don't know if it's possible anymore and i'm feeling discouraged and blah. half of me wants to give up since apparently eating anything i want and not excercising will only cost me 5 pounds, so what is the difference. lame.
7:00 am
Just got back from a bike ride and drank 3 1/2 cups of water. That's a great start to the day for me :D
Hope you all have a great day!
Friday, August 12th, 2005
5:16 pm
not-so-quick update
august was not the best month for me to try a challenge... rant cut for courtesy's sakeCollapse )

anyway, that was long. sorry. hope everyone is doing great on their challenges!

Current Mood: tired and sore
8:36 am
Hi, all!

I just joined thanks to a point in the right direction from the lovely heatherdawn1980.

I'm doing Weight Watchers and I've just re-started (long story). I guess I'll hang out and get warmed up for the September challenge.

Goals for me currently include:
-portion control with food
-8 glasses of water per day (I get this, I think, but I want to be sure, so I need to measure!)
-curb sweet cravings
-get back into exercise routine (healing a bum ankle at the moment, but soon!)

Glad to be here!

Thursday, August 11th, 2005
1:49 pm
Walking Pneumonia
One of my favorite things to do when I have free time is to read. I finished Harry Potter, and so I decided to catch up on all the magazines that I’ve missed out on over the past month.

So, of course, I bought some running magazines. And, of course, I ended up getting sick. I went to the doctor and I have walking pneumonia. Where I got it, I have no idea. But all I can think about right now is being able to run. When I was upset with my friend last week, it felt really good to lift some weights. And I started to get used to lifting again.

Well, when I’ve been able to breathe, I’ve been doing some of my at home DVD’s, most of which aren’t cardio [which I don’t think that I can take right now] but are light resistance training. So far, I haven’t been exhausted.

I’m so disappointed though. I feel like I’m going to burst if I don’t get some exercise soon. Well….that is…..whenever I’m not exhausted to my very bones.

Current Mood: sick
Sunday, August 7th, 2005
3:40 pm
So anxious
Even though my cardio vascular training has gone a bit wayward, I at least have been lifting a bit. Yesterday, I ran for 2.5 miles, then I worked on my legs [just a bit, I was pressed for time]:

Hack squat, 3 sets, 12 reps, 140 lbs.
Leg extension, 3 sets, 12 reps, 90 lbs.
Leg curl, 4 sets, 12 reps, 90 lbs.
Hip abductor [inner], 3 sets, 12 reps, 130 lbs.
Hip abductor [outer], 3 sets, 12 reps, 110 lbs.

I’m feeling it today, and I’m hoping to get enough “good fuel” in me to run a little bit and do pushups and crunches for an hour.
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