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not-so-quick update

august was not the best month for me to try a challenge... :\ i had finals, moved to another apt, and just got home for a short visit before school starts up again. home = bad food. it's just not convenient, economical, not to mention easy for me to eat well while here. it just isn't going to happen. i'm probably staying close to my calorie limits, but i know the sodium and fats will be out of this world. so i'll forgive myself that much. working out? also hasn't happened at all since august started. unless you count moving. which i do. i moved all of my stuff (no furniture, just boxes and bags and SO MUCH CRAP) all by myself. down a flight of stairs, to my car, across the parking lot, up half a flight, and into my new first floor apt. i'm still sore from that, and i did it on sunday/monday. so structured working out isn't going to happen either. i have so much to get done once i'm back at school too (meet with TAs, professors, volunteer coordinators, buy books, unpack all those boxes of crap, organize meetings for clubs which i'm an officer for, FOOTBALL SEASON) so i don't even know when i'll fit all that in. it's my senior year of college! :o !!!stress!!!


my real reason for updating is this: i got my hair cut today, and the hairdresser let me know it's pretty damaged. i know this. i blow dry it a lot and straighten it whenever i wear it down. so new resolution: for the next month, my hair will only be towel- or air-dried and worn naturally wavy/curly. additionally, i won't wear it up in tight high ponytails all the time when i don't feel like washing it (i have lots of damage where i ponytail it too). i know this isn't along the same lines as most of the health stuff we talk about on here, but i think taking good care of your hair is an important part of your health regimen too. so there's that.

also, weight/body fat percentage update:
my mom bought me a nice scale that does all that fancy stuff. so as of now, my accurate weight and bodyfat% are: 118.6 lbs, 20.9% bodyfat. 115 would be a nice number to get to eventually, but not a necessity. bodyfat, on the other hand, i would love to get down to 20 or a little less. (reminder: i'm 5'5 so 118 is a healthy weight but i would like to drop a lb or two while toning up my midsection in particular). i already know everything i need to do to accomplish these goals. the problem is actually DOING them.

oh, and cigarette update:
i smoked the last of my pack while drinking this past weekend (sat night). i've made a pact with myself not to buy anymore. and i won't ask someone for a cigarette even if i want one. now, i might accept an offered cigarette... but i won't ask. :P i know how much the bf dislikes it when i smoke (and i already quit doing it around him), so that's even more motivation to stop drunksmoking altogether. also, one of my close friends who i normally smoke with is co-op'ing this fall and won't be around to convince me to smoke with her. lol

anyway, that was long. sorry. hope everyone is doing great on their challenges!
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