Cady (harri_cady) wrote in 30_daychallenge,

Progress Report 8-17-05

I've re-started the Weight Watchers program (portion control is a problem for me!) and will be adding workouts to my routine this week. I'd like to get up to at least three 45-min cardio workouts and two rotations of weight-training per week, but I'm starting small as I've been out of commission for over three weeks now (Achilles tendonitis).

My Weekly Goals: 8-17-05
*plan most of week (food) in advance
*get in at least two 30-minute cardio workouts

My Weekly Stats: 8-17-05
Change from Last Week (Change): -4
Total Lost to Date (TL): 4

Last week my goals were to measure my water, to be sure I was getting enough (I was), and to journal everything I ate (a Weight Watchers thing). I succeeded with both goals, and it seems like I'm back on the wagon and off to a decent start!
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