Cady (harri_cady) wrote in 30_daychallenge,

Progress Report 8-17-05

My Weekly Goals: 8-31-05
*get in at least two 20-minute cardio workouts
*cut down on afternoon snacking

My Weekly Stats: 8-31-05
Change from Last Week (Change): -2
Total Lost to Date (TL): 6

I am so happy that I saw a change! I was terrified to get on the scale this morning after last week's no change, and after the wedding weekend. I just barely made it through the week and didn't go over in points (I'm doing Weight Watchers), but that was very challenging. This week I drop in range, so that I get 24 points per day instead of 26. I know that it's going to be difficult, but I'm also excited.

I have started keeping a physical reminder of the progress I'm making, at home on my bulletin board. The idea is to make a chain of paperclips to represent my weight loss. For every pound lost, I add another paperclip to the chain. It's really fun to watch it grow!

Last week my goals were to measure as much food as possible and to do cardio workouts at least twice for 30 minutes. I reminded myself of the measurements of foods like cereal and milk (breakfast during the week for me) and protein (chicken, steak, fish - 3 oz = deck of cards). I am getting a food scale, which is on its way from as I type. That should continue to help. I did not work out, though I did dance a lot on Saturday night. I'm keeping that goal around yet again, but dropping the time - maybe this will do the trick and get me up and moving. I'm also adding a new goal to cut down on afternoon snacking. Most of the time I am hungry, and my snacks are fresh fruits and vegetables, which isn't bad. The issue is that sometimes I am not really hungry, and I could save the points for dinner or a snack when I really need it. I bought sugarless gum two days ago, which I've stashed in my desk drawer. I am also trying to put lunch off a little longer to better carry me through the afternoon.
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