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Day 2

I started my own 30 day challenge yesterday and thought that it might help maintain my motivation if I consistently share my progress. Soooooo - here I am!

I've gained about 10 pounds in this past year, and I feel like its just been getting easier and easier to put on this weight. In the past 3 months I imagine I've put on an extra 4 pounds, putting me at 133. For my height this is 1 pound overweight, and I have to nip this in the bud before it's too late. I'm young (just turned 21 a couple weeks ago) and I have the time to work out, and I have the equipment to work out, I just need to f-ing DO it.

I also have a brand new boyfriend, and I heard him mentioning how starting September 1, he was going to get in shape, and I'm using this as added motivation - I gotta keep up with him, I want to be hot for him. He loves lingerie, but I refuse to buy any bc I don't feel sexy in ANYthing anymore. I used to be able to hide the weight, now it's visible no matter what I wear. And I have a whole closet full of clothes that I can't even wear anymore because of this damned spare tire.

Enough griping - yesterday I started running on my treadmill. I've had it for months and NEVER used it, but I decided that I needed to start getting up in the morning and moving my butt. I have to work out in the morning, thats the only way I'll ever be able to be *consistent* with it - my after work schedule is way too hectic. For 2 days now, I've gotten up and walked/ran for 1 mile (20 mintues). I'm really anxious to do so much more than that, but I read to start doing less than you think you can or should, and work it up gradually. I don't want to burn myself out to quickly, of course.

I've been eating like a pig though, beasting out late at night on ALL manner of horrible snacky foods and sweets. Usually I'm not like this, but I have a lot of food left over from the party last week, so I'm trying to consume all of the evidence of the party before my parents get back from vacation tomorrow.. :-P I'm good during the day, but at night I'm just a disaster. After Labor Day, I'm reigning myself in on the food, too.

I want to aim for 1200 calories/day, although I'm not much of a calorie counter. I love lean cuisines, so hopefully I can force myself to live on those, slim fasts, fresh fruit and salad. And water of course.

I've been good on water today - I think I'm on bottle 5 now. The a/c broke at work today, so I've been suckin them down like nobody's business. And from what I've read, water is the magical weight-loss elixier.

So anyway, Craig is taking me to his fire company's formal on October 29. That leaves me exactly 8 weeks to get myself to the 115-120 range. If I can lose 2.5 pounds a week, I'll be in business. What are my chances?
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