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Thirty Days to a Better You

Thirty Days to a Better Version of Yourself
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This is a female-only community where we can all post about our daily, weekly, and monthly goals. KEEP IT HEALTHY!

The 'challenge' isn't about competition per se, but is rather about challenging ourselves to beat our inner demons, whether they be chowing on seconds at the dinner table or hitting snooze a few times in place of a morning workout.

The "challenge" will officially commence August 1, but members can join at any time.

I would like for this to be an active and supportive community. Lurkers are welcome, but everyone is encouraged to post and comment regularly.

**I WILL NOT TOLERATE DEROGATORY COMMENTS TO ANYONE.** THIS COMMUNITY IS TO BE SUPPORTIVE. Constructive criticism is a part of being supportive, in my opinion, but please try to be tactful in your words.